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The short version:


An Englishman lost in Vermont, so built a vineyard/winery, to include a traditional post and beam building 

The long story:
I grew up in England, my wife from Connecticut. I moved to Florida in my teens, joined the U.S. Air Force. My wife also joined the Air Force, and we met in California (Mather Air Force Base), and got married,
We had kids, got stationed in Texas, Alaska, North Carolina, Montana (I took a few detours through South Korea, Iraq and Saudi Arabia), and end up in Vermont! Both retired Air Force, decided to work for the State of Vermont.
I thought growing grapes would be fun (visited way too many wineries in California) so I took a UVM course on vineyard management back in 2012, planted lots of vines each year, then one Summer I had grapes, oh my. Experimented making wine a few years (we have it easy versus the ancient Greeks and Romans), oh then I had to make a place to sell wine. I wanted a warm relaxing atmosphere with a nice view, so I built an old post and beam, 2 1/2 years in the making (and off the grid), and here we are.
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